Monday, November 1, 2010

A new axix in middle east

The recent frequent visits of Syrian and Iranian presidents to Istanbul after the  Gaza flotilla raid is a clear sign of Turkey's growing relationship with anti-western governments in the middle east.Turkey's pro-Islamic government is sharply changing its foreign policy from traditional western oriented  policy to pro- Islamic foreign policy.Turkey is an active member of NATO with the second largest army after U.S.A.It's closest friend in the middle east was Israel.But things are changing very quickly after Israels invasion of Gaza.
Turkey has alienated its with the harshest critics of Israel.In 1998 Turkey and Syria were on the verge of war after Syria refused to hand over PKK leader Abdullah ocalan.

but after 2007 general  election Islamic rooted akp party assumed power for the second consecutive term and with huge public support and tried to curb the power  of the military which was seen as the guardian of  secularism in turkey.

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