Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can turkey ever be a full member of EU?

Turkey was  one of the founding members of council of Europe in 1949.It  has applied for full membership in 1987. EU, which is an organization of mainly European countries was officially formed  in 1993 by the treaty of Maastricht did not accept Turkey as a full member state.Countries like Greece,Bulgaria which have low profile than Turkey in all the key fields have already joined EU.Then Question might be arisen why it is not yet a full member after cooperating with European countries in almost every aspects over the last 50 years.Turkey is an active member of Nato since its foundation.It has the second largest army in Nato after USA.Turkish solders have shaded their blood in all major NATO operations.  Turkey should have claimed EU membership a lot more earlier if its contribution  to the western civilization is regarded.

The real problem lies in the history,culture and religion of the Turkish people.Turkish people are the ancestors of Ottoman empires,which has ruled a large part of Eastern Europe for a long time. More importantly Ottomans are blamed by the allegation of   killing Greeks,Armenians,Bulgarians only because they ans clre iannfidel Christians. Armenians claims  that over 1.5 million of their  ancestors were  massacared  before and after the  WW1.All the major european powers like Britain,France,Spain has such allegation against them