Saturday, October 30, 2010


Israel is possibly losing its most trusted friend  in the middle east.Turkey is the only Muslim country that has maintained good relationship with Israel.But after the Gaza flotilla raid which have killed 8 Turkish civilians in the international sea area,turkey demanded full apology and compensation from the Israel.Israel  refused to do so as it claimed that IHH workers were antisemitic and were trying to kill the Israeli soldiers with their metal rods.Most countries in the world including organizations like Arab league and OIC condemned the attack as crime against humanity.But what lead Israel to  attack Turkish aid workers in international sea water?at the same time questions may be asked what led Turkish government to give  permission to IHH to organize this freedom flotilla movement ?
1.Turkish current democratically elected government is actually a pro-Islamic party.They have no interest in a country that is responsible to the killing of their muslim brothers in palestine.
2.The atrocity the IDF  committed in operation cast lead   led Erdogan to assault Israeli president in davos  publicly.   
 3.Growing relationship  of  turkey with Islamic countries promoted government to criticize their once friend Israel, on a regular basis.
4.AKP party maintained close relationship with organizations like HAMAS and Hezbullah    by inviting their leaders in Istanbul.this made israel  more suspicious about turkey.
5.A new axis was created in middle east  comprising Turkey-Syria_Iran.The latter two were israel's arch rivals.
6.The arab streets needed new hero after Saddam Hussain.Erdogan knew it and did every thing to satisfy them. 

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