Monday, December 13, 2010

Wikileaks reveals the distrust between turkey and western world

The rumor from different corners of Europe is proved  true after the disclosure of wikileaks cables.Almost all the European leaders have opposed the full membership of turkey in EU.The pope have also joined the race.French,German,and italian leaders have opposed only because it is a Muslim  majority country.
USA  have so much distrust about turkey that it believes turkey allowed weapons flow to al -qaida.   

now we can share some of cables published in wikileaks about turkey.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who had publicly endorsed "fair negotiations" on Turkey joining the European Union, was privately opposed to the Muslim nation getting the full membership of the 27-nation bloc, according to leaked secret US embassy documents.

The pope is responsible for the Vatican's growing hostility towards Turkey joining the EU, according to previously secret cables.

January 2010 – US’ Embassy analysis claims Turkey is becoming more focused on the Islamist world and its Muslim tradition in its foreign policy. Yet it does not want to abandon its traditional Western orientation and willingness to cooperate with the US. Turkey is trying to “post-modernize” itself. One major area of AKP effort has been to resolve problems with Turkey’s immediate “near abroad.” This effort stands in contrast with the “traditional” Turkish policy of letting these frozen conflicts fester, and is much more compatible with US and European interests. The signature accomplishment of this policy is the wooing of Syria. The AKP’s “Neo Ottomanism”concept claims that the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East were all better off when under Ottoman control or influence; peace and progress prevailed. This is in part what drives Turkey to re-establish itself as a leader in the Middle East.