Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Israel is concerned by turkey's shift of axis

famous davous walkout
The operation cast lead was targeted to the over through  the Islamic rooted  Hamas from power in gaza,free its captive solider in gaza and to stop firing rockets from gaza to israel.Israel have gained some sort of success in bringing down the number of rockets fired at israel but it has failed to oust hamas from power,rather it has gained more popularity among the gazans.It has  even failed to free its captive colonel Gilad shalit.Israel has ended the operation with  the killings of more than 1400    Palestinians with the numerous allegations of killing innocent civilians intentionally..Israel has probably lost more than it gained in this war. The worst possible loss was its traditional ally Turkish friendship.Turkish akp led pro Islamic government took this brutal war as an opportunity to gain more support for anti-Israel movements  in turkey.The public assault of Peres in davos by Erdogan was nothing but to instigate more anti Israel feelings  in turkey.Turkish army which claims itself as the guardian of secularism of Turkey,has closer cooperation  with than the turkish government.But after watching  the reaction from the mass people in streets it failed to stop the government from taking harsh measures against Israel.

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