Monday, December 6, 2010

Erdogan:a leader for the muslims around the world

This man from turkey does not believe in words like most of the arab leaders but deeds.He is vocal in every where  from gaza to pakistan and darfur to lebanon.After gaza was invaded by the Isareali forces in the name of operation cast lead he was possibly the only  muslim leader whose deed make the israeli leadership felt that they lost more than they gained  in the war.He is outspoken when israel claims that jewish people are the sole owner of Jerusalem. when Pakistan was faced by the worst flood in its history turkey was first there to help.Coming from a strictly secular country erdogan faced numerous challenges from the secular military and judicial elites of the country.Despite all these obstacles he never gave up his duty towards the muslim world.He was against the long time friends of turkey  when they imposed sanction on Iran.Now we share some comments of Erdogan in the recent times
 We love you and I believe you love us. Pakistan... did not abandon us after the 1999 earthquake.”

“Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan have common future.”

“US was supporting some common enemies of Pakistan and Turkey.”

  israel and lebenon
“We will say this strongly in the face of the murderers, yes, your are murderers. Trust fully that we will raise our voices high against the tyranny, and continue to defend what’s right as long as there are people working in piracy on the high seas; and we will defend the rights of the innocent and oppressed.”

rachel's tomb

Al- Aksa Mosque, the cave of patriach and Rachel’s Tomb “were not and never will be Jewish sites, but Islamic sites.”

gaza war 

Unfortunately, images of brutality that have been shown on televisions around the world in live broadcasts for two weeks and have reached almost every house in the world have not been sufficient for the international community to take a joint stance,"

The targeting of schools, hospitals, mosques, ambulances and infrastructure, and firing on facilities belonging to the United Nations and humanitarian convoys have not been sufficient to move consciences. All of humanity is watching this merciless massacre as if it were watching a movie," 

Gaza flotilla raid
"How can we forget the air and sea attacks against Turkish-flagged ship carrying passengers around the world seeking to help other people?"

Darfur conflict
“We should not confuse Gaza with Darfur.  In Gaza, 1,500 people were killed. If something like that happens in Darfur, we will follow up on the issue all the way to the end as well. I cannot discuss such issues openly with Netanyahu but I can discuss them with Omar al-Bashir. I can say, ‘What you are doing is wrong,’ I can say it to his face. A [genuine] Muslim cannot commit genocide. If there is something to this, it is impossible to overlook it. We would say that as well. We would say, ‘You cannot do this, you have no right.’