Friday, November 12, 2010

Turkey:a friend in need for Pakistan

"Two countries one nation" this is how Turkish prime minister  erdogan  described turkish relationship with pakistan when he visited pakistan  last month.Turkey's response to the recent devastating flood in Pakistan make the Pakistanis believe that turkey is Pakistan's best friend when it is in trouble.
July 2010 flood was the worst natural calamity  in the entire history of Pakistan.It has claimed around 2000 lives,affected 20 million people,and caused economic loss OF around 45 billion USD.
Turkey was quick in response by donating US$5 million initially and by august it had donated more than US$18 millon to cash starved pakistan.In addition to money it had delivered more than 118 tons of humanitarian aid to pakistan.Turkish islamic NGO in addition to government has sent 450 tonns of supplies to pakistan in cargo trains.IHH is there to build permanent social projects that includes house,mosque roads etc.
In the 2005 devastating earthquake in Kashmir turkeish prime minister paid official visit to Pakistan and offered a package of US $150 million for their fellow muslim brothers.
In addition to aid in different occasions,Turkey openly supported Pakistan in Kashmir issue  when most of its Arab friends  were not interested in supporting Pakistan publicly.In 1965,1971 wars  with India turkey sided with Pakistan and helped pakistan with military aid.
Since Islamic rooted AKP party assumed power in 2002 turkish foreign policy was moving from west to east very carefully. Pakistan was seen as the best friend of turkey because of its ethnic and historical ties.It was the muslims of the sub-continent that have openly supported turkey in ww1,  defying its colonial British ruler.
Pakistan did their level best when Turkey was in danger in1999 after the eathquake.

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